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New & Old Sheds joined to make an 'L'

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I've an existing 8x12 shed w. 6/12 roof pitch and rough cut 2x4 walls. It is too small and the attached garage on the house is converted into office space and utility room so I need to build a workshop for tinkering on my old motorcycles.

I plan on doing a 12x20 with 10 foot walls (same height as existing shed) and same 6/12 roof pitch (good for high snowfalls here in the GWN).

Instead of moving the existing shed to the opposite side of the yard as the wife suggests, I'd like to simply slide it sideways, build the new 12x20, then slide the old shed against the new one and attach them together in a pleasing 'L' shape, leaving the other side of the yard for landscaping.

The existing shed is on two 6x6 treated skids and I am thinking of doing the new 12x20 on three or four 6x6 skids with an insulated floor.

What framing tricks do I need to learn to:
a) join the two sheds walls together?
b) frame the old sheds roof to the new one?

Brent in Northern Alberta, Canada