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New OH and walk doors, faux wood strategy

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Looking to add the faux wood touch to some doors, both OH and walk doors. I am curious if this is doable and practical on brand new doors or if they should just be ordered with the faux look on them? I am told fading is an issue and factory doors receive a laminate that holds up better? Is it possible to buy the laminate later and do this?

Also wondering if walk doors really should be 6 pane to look right or if flat doors work with this?

Open to other techniques that look nice. Was considering black doors as an accent but a huge and black OH door is going to have serious problems with heat gain in the summer for sure.

If new doors are ordered, should they possibly be ordered in a brown color that makes it easier to add the wood look later? Could order white but I have learned that getting coverage of a dark color over white can suck....
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"Looking to add the faux wood touch to some doors" as in faux painting??
I've faux painted wood grain on metal doors before - it's not an easy task to get it to look like real wood. If it's exposed to the elements it will need to be redone sooner or later.
You can BUY the doors with the wood look already on them and not have to go through the tedious process of making them look wood-grained. Wood graining is an art form. I've tried it and I'm sure others on here have done it. It's time-consuming and difficult, and, at the end of the day, well, you still have FAKE (faux) wood grain on your doors that may or may not look like the real thing.

You can also buy unfinished wood doors and stain them to your liking. Oak takes stain better than other species of wood. Yes, they are expensive, but maybe not as much as what you will be trying to do with a faux look.
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