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new moldy deck from my flowers?

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HELP!:eek: I worked so hard building a new deck..let it cure for 6 weeks then cleaned and sealed with thompson's best... Every year I have the most beautiful gerber daisies.. this year they just have not done well... struggled with mold (BLIGHT) constatly... now my new deck is molded ! I t seems that I can see spores also... can the BLIGHT be moving from my plants to my deck ???:mad: I need to know before I re-do my deck OH NO!!!!:furious: Thompsons advanced water seal has given NO protection to this!
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Wood deck?
PT, IPE, Cedar ?
How far off the ground is the deck?
Ventilation under the deck ?
We've had mostly a month of rain here
The deck is 4-5 feet above ground. PT pine....Excellent ventilation, no lattice etc...was fine until I put my flowers( in containers) up on it. ( I completed the Thompson's and started on ly flowers the next weekend or two.)
Which did you use?

New decks should be treated without delay. It does not take long for exposed wood to be damaged. New pressure-treated lumber should be treated immediately with Thompson's® WaterSeal® Advanced Waterproofers, or 30 days after installation with other Thompson's® WaterSeal® Waterproofers.
I bought pre-treated decking & 2 years later have yet to re-treat
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