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My name is Hoyt but I am known by my nickname "Chip".
I currently help out in a custom cabinet shop. At 68 years young I have a lot of DIY experiences in many areas.
I am here to learn from others experiences and share mine wherever I can be of assistance.
My cabinet makers and installers are also older guys with 35 plus years of experience to draw from. I assembled and installed my own kitchen cabinets with their help and advice and have been very pleased with the results.
I was quoted nearly 30k for my complete kitchen and probably have around 14k in the now finished project. We used 36" tall upper cabinets and crown molded to the ceiling.
I was a Mechanic in the Marine Corps back in the day, I, like many others here, also hate to pay someone else to do something I can do myself.
Here to help with any project that I have experience in. I also draw from the knowledge and experience of those around me. Always up to learn something new.
One of my hobbies is programming Christmas lights to "dance" to the music which involves considerable computer time.
Another hobby (and part of what I do) is drawing up new and replacement kitchens with specialized software.
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