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Hello to you all. Being retired now I would like to spend my time doing some DIY within my home, I do have a limited experience of DIY through the years. We moved from a three bedroomed house to a two bedroomed bungalow just before my retirement, two years ago. I can say that I do not miss going up and down the stairs. Our family life consists of a wife, daughter, Alsation dog and of course myself. So thats a little about myself and family. We do have a medium sized garden so I will be kept busy there as well.
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Jim F There are many talking points about your question here is one of them

:At the end of the War it was thought that the breed would not flourish were the word German to appear in its name and it was therefore decided to call the breed the Alsatian Wolf Dog after the German-French border area of Alsace-Lorraine. The “Wolf Dog” tag was later to be dropped—again as it was felt that this would prejudice the breed. Thus we had for many years the misnomer of the breed brought about by national hostilities. In 1977, following numerous campaigns by breeders the name of the breed was changed back to the German Shepherd Dog by which it is known now.


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Thank you both for making me feel welcome to this site.

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