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Hello everbody,
My wife and I purchased a new home recently and I decided to take on some projects myself that I think I can accomplish, and partially take on others while contracting out what I think will remain outside my ability to tackle. I plan on doing these over the next 12-18months.

1. Home alarm system. Already done and very satisfied. We went with Frontpoint based on the DIY aspect of it and the reviews we read on the internet. I like the upgradability of it and plan to add Z-wave outlets and a thermostat within a year.

2. Privacy fence. Shouldn't be difficult. We want a 6ft fence except for one section atop a retaining wall where we'll place aluminum fencing (the kind that looks like wrought iron but is markedly cheaper). We want to do this because it'll be more aesthetically pleasing to not have a 6ft fence on this section.

3. The back porch. It was unfinished with the exception of the light. I'd like to switch that out with a light/ceiliing fan combo. I'm going to stain the deck. Then I'm going to screen it (plan to build frames, screen them, then screw them in place).

4. Garage: I'm insulating the garage doors this weekend. I've bought enough of the double-foil, double-bubble thermal reflecting insulation for two doors. The side walls of the garage are poured concrete, and I've thought of framing them and finishing out the garage, but that's low priority right now.

5. Landscape lighting. I want to add additional floodlights for security. I also would like to add extensive lanscape lighting in the backyard in the area surrounded by the privacy fence.

6. Patio. Would like to make a patio, likely brick.

7. The Basement. I've finally come to the end. It's a good sized basement. Three walls are poured concrete. My plans are to frame the walls and insulate. Air circulation and low humidity is important, so I'll probably hire a respectable HVAC guy for an evaluation at the very least. I think I'll use Barricade flooring or something similar. There's some low lying duct work and I'm a tall guy, so I'm thinking about just painting the floor joists (do a search for "open ceiling" or "exposed ceiling"). It's a look that'll work for me. Eventually, money permitting, I'll add drywall to the walls and find some kind of flooring to put over the Barriacade.

8. Electrical. I'd like to add additional outlets in the hallway leading from the garage to the main floor, the basement, and the garage. I think I'll hook all the conduit up, install the outlets, but leave the final connecting to an electrician since I really don't know much about electricity and don't want to take any chances.

So, those are my main projects I've forecasted for the next 18months. I don't think it's overly ambitious. I don't think I have to get any permits, but I'll definitely have to get HOA approval on the fencing. Anyway, I'm glad I found this site!
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