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New member, new (for me) home

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Figured since I posted a question on the forum, I should probably introduce myself. I just recently bought a single ranch home that was built in 1962 in the Collegeville/Evansburg area of PA. The house was a foreclosure, so buying it from the bank was less than fun and has left me with a handful of things I need to get fixed in order to get the U&O.

This is the 2nd home I have purchased, the first being "lost" in a divorce of a previous life. So, while not new to home ownership it's a been a few years. I consider myself handy, but cars and bikes are more my specialty. When it comes to home projects I know enough to get the job done (or at least get myself into a lot of trouble). :laughing:

So, I'm here hoping I can get some things fixed quickly so I can move into my new home before too long.


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