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I just found DIY website. Wish I had found it a few years ago.
I restored a 110 year old farmhouse that I had moved about 15 miles to my small ranch. I had just retired at 57 and spent 2 years restoring it. It needed everything. Hvac ,electrical,plumbing,insulation, siding ,roofing,windows, pier and beam concrete work poured, kitchen and 2 bathrooms.
This was my "bucket list" final exam. I worked sun up to sun down six days a week. It was a BLAST after corporate work for 35 years.

It hasn't burned done and nothing leaks. So all is well . I joined DIY for pro advice on a new task. My wife wants new kitchen cabinets and I'd like to know if there are any factory made cabinets that are good quality. I don't have time these days to build my own so I'm deciding between pre-builts and hiring a very good local cabinet maker I know here in Central Texas to do them.
That's my story. Tried to keep it short, glad to be on DIY.

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Welcome---Sure there are good cabinet makers----Haas is good--also, investigate local cabinet shops---full custom might not be as expensive as you imagine----
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