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Hello everyone. I ran across your board when researching plumbing tips and all I can say is WOW! I retired from the US Navy 25 years ago and went to work in a local shipyard repairing ships. I have a background in hydraulics and shipboard air conditioning and refrigeration. I spent several years in Quality Assurance as a shipboard Paint Inspector and ended my time there writing work specdifications. The wife and I are retired now if you can call it that, we certainly have plenty to keep us busy. Just before I retired we bought a unfinished log cabin kit on 16 acres in North Carolina. The shell was up, roof was on, and walls are framed. We have a electric pole in the side yard, a well, and a porta-potty. The wife and I spend days at a time there slowly building an orchard with peach and apple trees. We have a propane gas range and heater and we use a propane hot water heater for our 3 season outdoor shower and an indoor stock tank bath for the winter. It has been fun, but carrying and boiling water to wash dishes is getting old, so we have resolved ourselves to finish the house. That is why I am here , on your doorstep, begging for help in not making a fool of my self with the Planning office and inspectors. Bear with me, we will get there, hopefully with your help.
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