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New member from Auburn,WA

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Hello my name is Chuck. In 2012 I moved from Renton to Auburn not far from Hwy 18 & the Covington area. The reason I bought my 2250 s.f. rambler was because of its matching stick built ship with 13' ceiling.

I am now tearing misc areas of sheet rock off as the previous owner didnt
want or think to do what I want. If I had to do it over I might have still
bought a house with out a shop and had a pole barn built from scratch.

Anyway I have electrical, water heater, plumbing and sheetrock issues that I'll be posting about.

If anybody is or knows of experienced competent moonlighters that like cash, Id like to hear from them
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Please go back and add your location to you profile. If you hit the area where it says your name in the top right you can edit it.
You mentioned where you live in your post but that's not going to show the next time.
Pictures are always a big help.
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