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I just got a new front load washing machine (Maytag MHW6630HW).

It seems to work alright and is quiet when running, however I found that if you spin the drum by hand when nothing is in it it sounds like there is water sloshing around under the drum, and another noise that sounds like some loose nuts bouncing around on the stainless drum or something.

I thought surly that isn't right, so I went to Lowes where I got it and spun the drum on their display model. It makes the exact same noises.

It's only the exact same model that makes this noise though. The slightly smaller version, as well as the whirlpools which are basically the same design are all quiet when you turn the drum.

Was this possibly a bad batch of washing machines that my particular Lowes got, or could this noise actually be normal? Like I said, the machine is quiet and seems to work properly when it runs.

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I would say it's normal after your additional visit to the store to check the display model. As you say, everything is fine when operating, no noises, grinding ect.

As you mentioned, it could very well could be normal the way that it was made and designed by manufacture. For extra piece of mind, you could call the manufacture directly and ask them if that's normal for that particular model.
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