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New lighting with no attic

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I just bought my first house and I hand built a new kitchen island (yay me!!). Now I want to install some pendant lighting over it. I have looked at some DIY pendant light installation videos and they all involve getting into the attic. my problem is,I have no attic. I have installed new outlets in the wall before but never new light? I am a 24 year old girl and completely lost. i have the help of my dad but i would like to figure it out on my own before having to call him to do it. Any adavice is much appreciated! Thanks!!
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Sounds like if you built an island you are not totally lost.

You need to determine where you have power in the ceiling now. I assume you have some sort of lighting fixture up there now?

If you luck out and your pendants will end up along a wire run you pull along ceiling joists you can add fixtures with minimal damage to drywall or whatever ceiling material. If you have to go across the joist direction it will be a little more involved but nothing major.

You should also look into track lighting. Not all has to be the butt ugly stuff (some consists of two barely noticeable wires for the tracks on which fixtures seem to float). It is great for kitchens because you can position task fixtures over work areas like cutting boards and can float pendants over serving counters and so forth too. Everything just slides on the track.

With track lighting, and assuming you do not need extra circuits and things, you can just tap your existing power and build your track system from that point. If you layout where the track needs to go it will almost disappear visually. It is easy to install.

I use track mainly for gallery clients but have always had it in my own home too. Your best options will be availed at a lighting or electrical supply store and not a box one. The track fixtures box stores sell do not hold up well ot the heat of say halogen bulbs and are a waste of money. They will fracture on you the first time you try and move them so you end up saving no money just because they were cheap to start.

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if you can catch the lenght of area between 2 floor joists left to right standing at the island that's a start...if you have space on top of a cabinet just below the ceiling joist area your working at then the wire run out is easy.might consider low voltage lighting within the pendants,and that light switch tap for the power.if you have to snake the wall to bring 115V up you can pop out above the cabinets from the wall..or catch 115V off a ceiling light if the circuit breaker 115V power is tied in there.what does that mean?..just in case you don't understand me:huh:? the light/fan switch is brought up... the power is brought in.. and the light/fan all wires are connected for the light /fan in the you already have black/115V,and a white/neutral,and raw copper/green ground right there in the ceiling.the chances of the kitchen light/fan are in the free joist area your working is the question.if it isn't that aces my idea

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What do you mean there is no attic? Do you mean a flat roof or that there is no access hatch to the attic space.

If you have an attic with no access hatch, one cut be easily cut in a closet.

Or a set of pull down stairs could be added.
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