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new light-weight self-leveling underlayments

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Has anyone here used any of the new "light weight" SLUs, e.g. Custom's LevelLite or ProSpec's Level Set LW-60? Are they as good as, or better than, the tried-and-tried familiar heavyweights?
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They will work as well. More costly due to the more costly light weight aggregates.
Compared to the heavyweight products, there's more water and less powder with the lightweight SLUs. 6qt/25lbs for the ProSpec and 6.5qt/30lbs for the Custom LevelLite, compared to the same amount of water to 50 pounds for the standard SLUs.

Does this higher water ratio result in a thinner more fluid consistency during the pour that would call for a more "hands off" approach?

I ask this because Custom's tech services department have told me to let the LevelLite find its own level and not to spread it even though their online and on-bag printed instructions call for spreading with a gauge-rake and, if a feather-edge is required, for smoothing with a paddle. All of the how-to threads and videos I've seen on the web have the standard heavyweight SLUs being spread with a gauged spreader and smoothed with a paddle. So, who/what to believe? The printed instructions or the human being on the other end of the phone?

Custom LevelLite
Pour or pump, and then spread with a long-handled gauged spreader. LevelLite will seek its own level during the first 10 minutes. For featheredging and touch up, use a smoothing tool. LevelLite can be applied to 2" (5.08 cm) thick in one application; if a second layer is required, install immediately after the first layer has set to a walkable hardness. If the first layer has dried over 12 hours, re-prime before the second application.

ProSpec LevelSet LW-60

Pour the blended ProSpec Level Set LW-60 on the floor and disperse with the Level Set Spreader followed by smoothing the material with the Level Set Smoother. Cleated shoes must be worn to avoid leaving marks. Level Set LW-60 will level itself for 20 minutes at 70° F (21° C). No troweling needed.
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