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finally getting around to doing the lattice on the porch i rebuilt nearly a year ago now.

bought some 5/4X6 western red cedar, ripped each board into three 1 3/4" strips, then ripped those strips into two 7/16" thick strips.

all the sections required 2' of vertical strips, and varying horizontals.

since i don't own a staple gun, i decided to simply bang one screw at each end of each strip. i got half the porch done, with a bit of trim, in one full day. one section took a long time because of a severely bowed 2X4 framing member, and i had to shim every vertical piece.

i recessed the whole lattice unit to be in the same plane as the rough framing. the reason i did this is because when i rebuilt the porch, i shifted the 6X6 PT posts in 3/4" from the porch posts, so that when the trim was applied, the corners would line up nicely. i think it was worth it. this side bit obvioulsy awaits trim. it will be 1X8 on the top, 1X6 on the bottm, and 1X8 over the 6X6s.

painstaking... i wound up back oiling each piece as i went (penofin chestut). later i wound up back oiling a bunch before. i think just after this picture was taken, i wound up running a taught string from post to post, along the bottom, to get a reference line for keeping everything plumb and in the same plane.

i was delighted the way this trim slid tightly into my 30º scarf joint, which i left as the topmost stair kick about a year ago in anticipation of this exact moment.

the rest... and dang, my stairs are filthy after a heavy winter!

i was planning on hand turning a custom balustrade on my lathe, but now that the lattice is going in, i actually like my existing railing.

what do you guys think? here's a picture of the baluster i've been turning. so far i've only made 4:

thanks for reading.
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