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Good day, I am building a new house and I am looking for some advice. For window trim and baseboards I am installing mdf and I plan to install both the window trim and baseboards prior to installation of the floor. I say that because I am planning to HVLP spray the window trim and baseboards, and I thought it would be better to spray the baseboards before the floor is installed.

I am installing engineered hardwood (already bought) and I was thinking to glue down the floor. I thought this would be best since this is a vacation property and the year round indoor temperatures will vary from about 50F to 80F. Couple questions:

1. Do you agree that glue down of the engineered hardwood is the best approach?
2. Can I install the hardwood after the baseboards are installed? I thought of installing the baseboards after the flooring but it would make the painting of the baseboards difficult (hard to properly tape the floor). I am looking for the best overall method.

Thanks and I really appreciate your advice.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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