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I am remodeling a small condo kitchen, and there is no water line to the fridge.
It is a galley kitchen. The sink is on the opposite side of fridge, not directly across.
On the sink side there is a dishwasher, then a cabinet, then a drywall wall then a pantry.
Then a full closed off drywall 9' wall. About 5' from pantry to fridge.
Oppostie the pantry is where the fridge is. The kitchen is gutted, except for the drywall,
and the floors are being replaced.
Current concrete floor is exposed. No basement.
My problem running the line thru the cabinets is there
is a dishwasher and drywall and a angle/curve to get to the other side. Then cut out small edge at the bottom of the drywall to install stainless steel water line pipe. (so nails from baseboard install won't harm water line)
I am thinking of cutting/edging a line in the concrete to install stainless steel piping to fridge. And of course
mixing a little cement to cover it up before installing flooring.
Other options??
Would the dishwasher heat affect the water line? And what is my best option.

Much appreciate help.

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If you have a clear run in the cabinets, that would be my first choice. Using stainless steel tubing is no insurance against nail penetration. Cutting the concrete will encapsulate the tubing and if you have a leak, you will need to replace the flooring to get to it. Run tubing from the cold water side of your sink around the room and tack the tubing (copper) to the back of the cabinets.

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"Condo" says to me, "multi-unit." Since the OP is on the ground floor, that says odds are good there is a unit above, i.e. no freezing in the ceiling.

I suppose it's possible for a condo to be one floor with multiple units on that floor.
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