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New ice maker leaking

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We bought a new fridge and aftermarket ice maker and just started it up a couple days ago, only to find water on the floor.

It would appear the only time it leaks is when the pump runs because nothing is leaking when it stands. I would assume it's the push connection for the plastic water line that has failed.

I can actually pull the tube out of the pump with a good yank and aren't those connections supposed to be much tighter?

Is there any way to fix this or is the pump seal just bad out of the box?



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First, is your tubing end cut straight? And, is it pushed all the way in?

You shouldn’t be able to pull out the tubing without having to depress the collet. But, your collet already looks depressed (too low) without you even holding it down. The collet should be a little higher.

If you pull up the collet, does it make the tubing impossible to pull out? If yes, then that collet being in a constantly depressed position would be the problem. You might be able to fix the problem with a collet clip. It goes between the collet and the rest of the fitting.

I’ve purchased John Guest quick connect fittings. Their collets stay up. Some generic fittings I’ve seen have collets that need a collet clip to stay up.
I tried yanking on the tube today and had no luck getting it out, but the collet pulls forward when I pull on the tube. I left it like that and waited for the ice maker to run to see if it would still leak, but 6 hours later it still had not.

It's at a new construction home and I have left for the day. Will have to check again tomorrow.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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