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I am thinking about replacing my current HVAC system to something of higher efficiency (and just new). What information should i share with you to get a better understanding of what qualities or systems i should look for.

I am in a 2700 sq ft house with an unfinished basement, main floor and upstairs.

My current system is a Trane XR90 (i believe). mfr in 2004.

According to this website, i am zone 6

i dont think my current system is HE, as the intake pipe does not go outside, simple draws from the basement.

Thank you for your input on this.
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The more efficient the more fragile,costly

it will be to own, the variable speed DC motors they use to get the 90%+ are $600 rather than $75 as the old AC polarity motors are, sure they save while you run it only to be lost in $300+ induced draft motors, proving devices, $300 ignition modules, $400 circuit boards, etc etc, remember prior to 1078 did you ever think about the furnace? nope and if you did it was a thermocouple for $15 at ACE hardware anyone can install and 30+ yrs service, todays units never last 1/2 that long.
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