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New housing development

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Driving around town I found a new housing development. Their is so many good reasons to cruise through and see what the latest and greatest is. Actually the houses were not to bad.
Did not like the design, I look at things like replacing a shingle or window later down the road. You could tell right off the tradesman was not considered in the design of these places.
All the places had the roofs done, and the one thing I wondered was why on a blasting hot day part of the roofs looked water. Every roof looked like someone sprayed areas with a hose here and there.
As I rode farther into the development I noticed the vinyl siding was coming off the six month old houses. Such a shame. I looped back around to leave and I see a guy with a coil nailer, banging away at the vinyl siding. I thought that had to be hand nailed.
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And they often get paid by the square, so fast in fast out.
More likely what you saw was a siding stapler not a roofing gun on that siding.
That's the way they build those cheap sheds.
Your right it should be hand nailed.
its not their house, they don't care.
i say this, not to imply all contractors are like this.
There are a bunch of newer townhouses near me. I remember when they were going up and doing the roofs, seeing not only no ice and water shield (actually seems to be pretty rare around here), but no tar paper (underlayment) under the shingles.

And it seems like every time I go by them the day after a heavy rain, at least one of those townhomes will have a blue tarp over part of the roof. Not saying its because of lack of underlayment, just that contractor was doing everything to save a few dollars on what was not visible.

Bet they all have granite countertops though.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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