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New house, "power vent" in attic is loud!

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We just moved into a split level and it has a "power vent" install in the attic and it's pretty loud(as in noticeable even in the basement). My first question is do I need it, how can I tell if I do? These weekend it probably didn't get above 70 degrees and it was on so that makes me think it's going to run 24/7 in the summer when the temperature is 80-90 everyday. :huh: The house was built in '78 and the roof was replaced within the last 10 years so I believe is has a ridge vent. I will try and snap some pictures of the house and attic tonight to try and get a better idea of what it looks like but I'm hoping I can just turn it off.
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Go into the attic and see what temp its thermostat is set for.
It's not a bathroom or radon vent is it?
A radon vent would be venting from the basement, so that may be the reason for the noise
Might be time for an upgrade, I know a lot of those units are kind of loud. Your fortunate though if your looking at purchasing some sort of replacement like a solar attic fan. It will do very similar as you power ventilator does not, take the heat and moisture out of the attic which in turn helps cool down the house. Except until you power ventilator, the solar attic fan doesn't need electricity to run. Oh and the reason why I say its fortunate to look into one now is because there are all kind of tax returns out there for it right now, the whole government green incentive. I think has the information on the solar attic fan tax return (its called something else but I don't remember what its called)

Or you could get a whole house fan of some sort. To help cool the rest of your house... or do both.
Well while I was up there fixing something I checked out the thermostat and it was about 88 which seems pretty low. What's a safe temperature for this, can I raise this to 100-110 and everything will be okay?
110 is fine.
I would probably not go over 115.

Thehigher you allow the attic temp to rise. The more work the A/C has to do.
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