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new hot water heater problem

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Hello all. I recently replaced our hot water heater because the old one was leaking. Now, when showering if the toilet is flushed the shower gets very hot. If the sink is turned on the shower gets cold. We didn't have this problem with the old heater. It was a 38 gal and the new is 50 gal. Any idea what could be causing this? The old one was soldered all the way to the water heater and for the new one I used some flex pipe with shark bites on one end and it screws on the other. Not sure if that makes a difference or not. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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You may have disrupted sediment when you swapped out the water heater, and debris could be in your shower faucet, and in the faucet screens. I would disassemble your shower faucet first and clean the guts. Those things are supposed to regulate temperature and pressure to prevent scalding, and if there's gunk in there, it cannot do it's job
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