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New home electrical costs

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I'm considering buying a new home package from 84 lumber. I need to estimate what the costs would be for putting in the electrical. It's going to be a 1300 sf house with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Anyone know what I would be looking at?

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The price will really varies alot all it depending on the following items.,

•Type of luminaires
• Major appalices - dryer and range - Gaz or Electrique
• Detached garage or Attached garage
• Finshed basement or open basement

Plus there are other electrique codé will come up so I can not able tell what the excat price now due the wiring cost plus labour cost will varies alot and are you going to do this yourself or will hire a electrician to do this ?

The Load centre et meter socket it have to be done by electrician per POCO regulations I know most will required a inspection before it can actally engerized up.

Plus the POCO will decided where to bring the service drop or lateral { underground } if going with lateral run better sized to 200 amp due majorty of the POCO laterals they will sized for 200 amp very rare to set up for 100 amp service

The list can get pretty long winded but this above part will get you started with some basic idea where we are talking about.

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Knowing your location would help too.
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