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I will be installing a new heat pump system soon and I am trying to do my
home work first.

I now have a heat pump system in my crawl space. There are vents around the foundation. The crawl space is very low sometimes no more than a foot. I live in the country and over the years I have had problems with mice and snakes in the crawl space. The mice have at times over the years damaged the flex pipes. It also is very humid in this area during the summer and the air coming from the system is musty smelling at time.

I am told that my best bet for my problems would be to install the unit
in the hall closet by the return duct and put all the duct work in the attic. Get everything out of the crawl space.The only thing I worry about is will the system still operate as it should?

I would appreciate any thoughts on this.
Thank you:(
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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