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I have referenced this site for years but never registered, until now.
Turridu is Sicilian for Sal.

I am an avid DIYer. Used to be full time roofer/sider working with me Dad. He taught me education is the most important thing and forced me to stay in college and become a white collar guy but building is in my DNA. So the office pays for my addiction, building. I am building my own house, at this point I am installing cabinets. I've been at it for over 5 years. Yes 5 years. I did it all but frame it. I Roofed it, insulated it, sheetrocked it. made the mistake of hiring a shoddy plumber, then replumbed 60% of it myself. I installed my own radiant heat from laying pex to sweating the copper on the mechanical panel, etc... etc... Still at it.
I am building my own bathroom vanities.
I am learning about diy concrete countertops.

I find semi-pro DIY craftmanship to typically be BETTER than the low to middle priced contractor who wants to bang out the job and move on.
Feel free to ask me any questions. I am a HUGE fan of and Read the white papers and do it right. Most subs have no idea of the reality behind building science. They operate on dogma. Sometimes the dogma is right, sometimes it is wrong.
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