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new for old problem

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hi guys, first time poster, and total novice. i bought a flourecent tube to replace the old light bulb fitting in my garrage. there are two light switches at either end of the garrage. when i took the old light of, there were 2 sets of wires spliced together . the red was connected, the earth was connected together , but the black wires were seperate and at either end of the round bulb mounting. so i put my tube up connected the two earths together the two red together and the two black together bulb comes on fine but both light switches dont work, what am i doing wrong apart from trying to save some money on an electrician. thanks very much for your help and nice to join your forum, joseph.
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This a 3 way switch loop if you were able to turn the lights on or off from either switch. Is that correct? Take down the light fixture and take a picture of the wires inside the electrical box. Thats the only way to help you since you say you know nothing about this.

You SHOULD have made a drawing of the connections BEFORE you took them loose. Now, you have created a problem that did not exist.
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