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new for old problem

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hi guys, first time poster, and total novice. i bought a flourecent tube to replace the old light bulb fitting in my garrage. there are two light switches at either end of the garrage. when i took the old light of, there were 2 sets of wires spliced together . the red was connected, the earth was connected together , but the black wires were seperate and at either end of the round bulb mounting. so i put my tube up connected the two earths together the two red together and the two black together bulb comes on fine but both light switches dont work, what am i doing wrong apart from trying to save some money on an electrician. thanks very much for your help and nice to join your forum, joseph.
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yes jv

yes i have your right. it is a loop and the old normal bulb housing seemed easy to take of. when i took it of i noticed that the two black wires were at both ends of the housing. but i cant remember how it was wired before i took it down. so yes ive messed up. but im only replacing a mormal light bulb fitting for a flourecent tube fitting ! is it realy that technical and difficult to change. it seems so as ive just checked it out and the two blck wires seem to have overheated and left a black mark on the cover of the tube housing ive disconected it all and took out the fuse from the main box to isolate it. missus will be in soon so she will go mad. dont call me stupid as remember your probablies as good at electrical work as i am at making spun suger baskets and cooking for 500 ala carte customers in a fine dining resturaunt. im a fine chef but a novice sparky.! sorry for being such a dim wit.
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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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