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New Favorite Glue

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Sherwin Williams Power House. Looking at the tube, you'd think it's a caulk.
I've even used it to caulk a few times when I didn't trust the 950. But technically they don't call it a caulk. They call it an "adhesive sealant".

So recently I got curious how it would work as an adhesive and I did some experiments. I glued some shims together. I glued a shim to the wall. I glued some plastic bottles together. I glued to bottom corners to stabilize some pictures on the wall.

The stuff actually works really good. When I tried to pull it apart, it ripped chunks of wood out. It ripped the paint off the wall. It did not let go.

It sticks to anything. It fills gaps. It's weatherproof. It has good instant adhesion. It doesn't expand and ooze out and push stuff apart if you don't clamp it. It's paintable. And it does double duty as a caulk and an adhesive, so if you don't use it for one, you can use it for the other. It's not going to dry up, sitting on the shelf. I think this is going to come in handy.
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One thing to keep in mind. They say paintable in 2 hours. As an adhesive, I had to wait more like 24 hours. But it has pretty good instant grab, so as long as you don't mess with it, it's fine.
Always been a fan of Powerhouse. SW usually runs it on sale regularly so you can get it for something like 2.49 per tube. I've not used it as an adhesive though. Another good product is Maxflex, that is, if you have a project that requires a very flexible caulk, you know, a window on the sunny side of the house.
Must be similar to FuzeIt. Fast, solid hold. I really like it for the job.
I use FuzeIt and right now it's my favorite but I will definitely buy a tube of Powerhouse.

What size tube?
Is it a good dessert topping, too?
Fuze It is good stuff. I wouldn't want to caulk with it though! And it is more than double the price. For a smaller tube. And it doesn't come in white or clear.

I dunno. There are so many different types of adhesives and so much confusing marketing hype... Hard to know what to believe.

If I went specifically to buy an adhesive for something important, I'm still getting the FuzeIt. That's what it's made for. Using Power House as an adhesive is kind of uncharted territory. Who does that? But it's definitely doing something. And most of the time I'm not gluing together a space ship. I used it to stabilize the wobbly shelving unit over my toilet. I used to to glue a toe kick under my vanity. I used it to glue down a corner of carpet that was rolling up. Maybe I'd try it to replace a tile or a wallpaper seam repair. Probably isn't the strongest glue, but for simple cosmetic stuff, it seems totally adequate. The convenience of also being able to caulk with it is huge.
Good info, guys. One of favorite glues is Shoe Goo. Works on lots of stuff besides shoes and sticks to almost anything.
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