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Hello Everyone,
Would like some advice concerning a project I’m contemplating that involves replacing the back entry door.
Here are the details:
The door is fiberglass and is 96”x 36”.
It swings OUT.
There isn’t any weather protection around door...mainly because the door swings out so I can’t put a storm door over it.
Door (house) built 2007.
Outside construction is stucco over cement block. Inside is naturally drywall.
It faces south here in sunny Florida and because of that, it warps depending on sun exposure and indoor/outdoors temperatures. Warps at the top and bottom areas...bows out creating gaps that the weatherstripping doesn’t seal allowing air penetration and insect/critters to crawl inside.
It will on some days actually seal properly but when sun hits it, then it tends to warp.
My desired plan:
Replace door with a steel door as my research seems to predicate that type door over another fiberglass or wooden door.
I would like to reduce size to a normal 80” high door as I see no advantage to keeping the opening so tall. I think the door would be less likely to warp if it was smaller ....I don’t know? It would be cheaper too!
Also really don’t like door swinging out and would like to change it to a swing in type.
To help keep elements from affecting door, I’d like to install a heavy duty storm door outside over it. Though I’m concerned with possibility of detrimental effects caused by heat buildup between new entry door and the storm door. However I think most of time the door will be in the screen mode to allow leaving entry door open for airflow through house. Thoughts?
Also, I will have to fill the empty space above the new shorter door. Not sure how to fill space with new block and stucco. Looking for ideas on how to properly install new block so it is supported (done right). I don’t think I can rely on the new door framing to support the new blocks. Thoughts?
Including photos to help you folks visualize the door area. I’ve already had to remove some rotten wood on both sides of door frame. I believe any unprotected new door would be subject to damage if storm door isn’t there to help protect framing. ..although I believe the frame would be steel if I end up using a steel door.
That’s about it. Although I’m not a qualified carpenter, I believe I can tackle this project as I’m a decent DIY handyman. But I still really need some advice and comments from you fine folks.

Thanks immensely and look forward to hearing from the experienced folks here.


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Where are you, does code call for outswing doors only?

You could order and 80 inch door with light (window) over it so it fills the same space.

To fill the space above, I would just frame that with wood, and stucco that, no one would know the difference You will want to know the exact width of the rough opening, you can remove the inside trim to measure that. I am not sure measurements are the same for a steel jam.
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