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New electric services for duplex.

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Hoping somebody can help me out here.

My family owns a duplex (rental property) that has two old 60 amp. fuseboxes that feed each unit.

I was planning on replacing these with 100 amp. breaker boxes , and a new double meter base, however the supplier that I bought these from gave me only 100 amp. entrance cable.

Shouldn't the cable from the weatherhead to the meter base be 200 amp. entrance cable? And 100 amp. from each meter to each panel?

Thanks, Jimmerz
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Thanks guys!

Kinda what I figured.... Being as each panel could potentially draw 100 amps before blowing the main breaker, 100 x 2 = 200 amp. cable to feed the meter can. Neither unit will draw more than 100 amps. , probably at most 80 amps.
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