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My first time here ... looking for some valued opinions. I am building a new house and I'm specifically looking for some recommendations on finishing of my new doors and trim. I've been doing lots of research and I'm leaning in certain directions - now I want some good opinions from guys that really know what they are talking about.

Doors: Solid mahogany - approx. 19 total. I'm looking to apply a medium-dark stain, then give them a satin clear finish.

Trim/baseboards: Primed mdf with all holes and edges finished smooth. I'm looking to spray them white. I want a perfectly smooth finish - satin or semi-gloss.

Here are my door questions:
1. I plan to apply the stain by hand. I'm looking for the quickest way to get a nice even application. I'm leaning towards oxtail brush on - wipe off. Is there a better way?
2. Finish - satin clear coat. I'm leaning towards HVLP, although I've seen some people recommending hand (foam brush). With 19 doors speed is important, but I want an excellent finish. I've been looking at a sprayer somewhere in the $300-600 range. Earlex 5000 or maybe Fuji Mini-mite. Opinions on the finishing technique and sprayer please.

Here are my trim questions:
3. If I select the Earlex 5000 or Fuji Mini-mite, can I get good results if I use a thinned latex or am I better to go with an oil based paint?

That's it for now - thanks.

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Hey Glase,

It sounds like you are on the right path when it come to staining the doors. I know that you have a lot of doors to do, but I wouldn't try anything new to speed through the project. Mahogany is a great wood to finish, but any time you are using a dark stain you don't want any mistakes. I would stick to what your used to with staining and take your time on the doors.

For the sprayer I would just use acrylic. Good luck. -Gregg
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