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The home is a post WW-II bungalow with the Master Bedroom in the second floor attic. At one time this room was fully paneled with knotty pine, including knotty pine doors to access closets built into the eave space.

A previous owner had covered the paneling with drywall, and covered the knotty pine doors with slabs of plain plywood. My son wanted the plain slab doors replaced with French Doors to match the door leading up to the Master Bedroom from the main floor hallway.

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He, my wife, and I demo'ed the old doors, re-framed the openings to be the same size, constructed & installed new jamb sets, and hung the new doors over the past three days. I know a Pro would have been faster but my tool set uses hammers and chisels rather than routers and pneumatic nail drivers. I proportioned the old standard 7 & 11 hinge spacing to match the reduced door height.

Doors are 27-1/4 x 52-1/4 and were custom built by Beacon Hill Supply near Cleveland at a very reasonable price! They modified their standard divided light Casement Window product with flat bottom edges and 1-3/8 thickness. Whereas multiple custom door companies wanted $1500+ for each door, Beacon Hill provided all three doors for less than half the amount others wanted for a single door.
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