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New deeper kitchen sink install problem

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I had an old sink about 5.5" deep and I replaced it with a Frankie 9.5" deep. Everything went well until I found out that the sink drains are towards the back of the sink. Now the insinkerator that I have does not have room to install.

The original sink had 2 separate P traps (one for the insinkerator and the other for the regular sink). Since the drain was in the middle, the insinkerator had no problems fitting in. Now with the drain in the back the insinkerator is able to install in the flange but there is no room for the P trap to install.

See picture below for details. I would prefer not to rip out the piping and install new. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.


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From the pic, the outlet from the disposal looks to be slightly higher than the wall connection. Slightly is close enough for drainage. With careful planning, you could connect a second trap on the disposal, or use a double sink connector for both.
Thanks Just Bill.

Just Bill thanks for the reply.

Problem is that there is no room at all for me to go into the outlet. The garbage disposal is sitting right against the outlet. I'm not able to put any kind of bend to route the pipe to the P trap.
cap it and go in thru clean out
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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