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New construction brick work looks questionable large joints too

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I am having an addition put on my house. The block wall has brick veneer to match the exisitng brick band around the base of the house. The mortar joints seem too large, 3/4" and after a few days I was able to pull up the brick on the corners by hand. No adhesion of the mortar to the brick. The courses under the immediate corner is solid or at least I can not pull up by hand. Is the mortar mix bad or has it not cured yet? Is there a maximum joint size?
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the joints can vary in size- i think you would want them to match what the existing house has....... sounds like there may be a touch too much sand in the mix- the bricks should knit together and not be able to be hand plucked off......
Got a picture.
What the width of the joints on the old brick?
Most shoot for a 3/8 joint.
I've seen larger mortar joints used to fill in a given space and talking to your mason before pulling on bricks is recommended...
Wat does this have to do with doing it yourself?
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