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Hello all,

I am new to this forum and hoping for some advice. We are building a new home in texas and the (big) builder did a good job so far. However today I discovered something which I am very concerned about :plain:. The house is build the usual way: concrete slab, wooden frame and we have an 80% bricked outer walls.

Now the finding from today is that the bricks in the back overlap the slab by a thumb thick :plain:. The builder "professionally" nailed a wooden plank underneath.

Here are the pictures:

- above the red bar is the wooden plank nailed to the slab

- right side of the wooden plank with one of the two nails holding the plank

- midle part

- left side

- from the side. Here one sees the thumb width overlap of the brick and when the wood starts. The picture can be enlarged to see it more clear

What would you think? Is this only a cosmetic thing or a real structural problem? How could it be fixed?

Another concern is that on the left side if the house the brick wall is set back from the edge of the foundation by one inch. Would that be a concern? I am thinking of water running back into the crawl space ..
(dont have a picture for that yet)

Thanks a lot for your feedback :smile:

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