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New Condo Living Room Needs A Rug - HELP!

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Hey everyone! I have a new condo I purchased a couple of months ago and I'm finishing the living room. Here's what I have now although I'm moving the coffee table depending on what rug I get;

So the cheapest one I found and liked was this one from Amazon -

Next option is a Merino sheepskin rug which is dreamy and so thick and lush from . My parents got a quad from them and it's seriously heaven for your feet, but I have 3 pets...I'm a little worried there.

This one is beautiful but for the size I want....pretty danged expensive!

What would you folks do? Any other options I should look at after seeing my place there?
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Personally I wouldn't go with white or ivory. They will show dirt in a couple of weeks. I like the last one best. The background color is a perfect match for your wall paint. Maybe you could find a less expensive one with a similar pattern/color. Just my $.02. :) Nice looking living room, BTW.
Have you checked out Ikea's rugs? I have a really nice teal colored rug from Ikea in my living room. If there's not an Ikea in your state, I'm sure they ship.
thanks everyone!

@Diva The Ikea rugs are synthetic and really junky quality compared to a Merino rug. There's a reason those rugs are only $39 :)
Ran across this method for making custom rugs yesterday and thought of this post.

Seems like you could make your own stencils and use a remnant for an area rug?

Someone needs to try this as I really would love to use this in my house. With 2 boys and a dog, I wonder if it will last.
More rug choices

Have you looked into Sphinx by Oriental Weavers rugs? I too was having an extremely difficult time trying to find a rug that I liked and they have so many great choices that are contemporary that I think would look great here. You could also try going to Homegoods stores to look at rugs. Coincidentally that is where I found my Sphinx rug and didnt even know the brand until I was home. They are nice quality and I bought mine (5' by 7'.3") for 99.00 which is a steal compared to what they usually sell for.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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