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New concrete slab - need footers?

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I'm having a new concrete patio installed (~400 sf) using a 4" slab and pavers. In the future I may want to build a patio cover over part of the patio (with roof and wood posts). I realize this would require footers to handle the load. My question is, should I have the contractor put in footers under the slab today or do I need to wait to see where the posts would be positioned once the size/layout of the patio cover is determined? I have a rough idea of the size of the patio cover that I want, but the actual placement of the footers is TDB. I live in the north east (NYC).
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To put the footings in the correct position, you need to get past the TBD phase. You need to have a precise plan and not change it after the concrete is poured.
Are the TBD posts going to go along the front edge of the slab? If so, can you thicken the edge of the new slab the entire or partial length to encompass the TBD possibilities?
What are your numbers? You may or may not need any "footers". What are the roof loads? Thickened edge slabs, as mentioned above, are very common. You can go as deep or wide as you want to. For your project, two inches thicker may work fine. Google monolythic pours; did I spell that right? If you may ever need them, now's the time, and it is cheap to do.
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