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New Closet Rod

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Hi, ok I know I am doing something wrong. I am relocating my closet rods much higher so I can put a lower bar in there too. I keep scanning my walls with the Zircon stud finder (not the cheaper one the one that does deepscan, metal scan, ac scan also).

Anyways it lights up a beam for me and it seems the screws I have (i used replacements screws instead of the ones that come with things) went in easily. On top of that they continuously turn, they never tighten. Out of the 4 screw holes one of them tightened. I took them all out and was going to anchor them. As of right now all the holes I made I just patched up so I can attempt again in a new location.

What is the best way I can get a closet rod sturdy. Should I keep trying for a beam or just use the anchors? If the screw doesnt stop turning and never tightens I assume I am not in a beam? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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i would assume that as well, and no WAY would i trust that much weight if it wasn't tightly secured to studs/beams.
it'll yank those anchors out in a heartbeat and leave you with a heck of a mess to clean up...
on the bright side though, then you'll be able to see the studs! -=chuckle=-

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