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Hi, ok I know I am doing something wrong. I am relocating my closet rods much higher so I can put a lower bar in there too. I keep scanning my walls with the Zircon stud finder (not the cheaper one the one that does deepscan, metal scan, ac scan also).

Anyways it lights up a beam for me and it seems the screws I have (i used replacements screws instead of the ones that come with things) went in easily. On top of that they continuously turn, they never tighten. Out of the 4 screw holes one of them tightened. I took them all out and was going to anchor them. As of right now all the holes I made I just patched up so I can attempt again in a new location.

What is the best way I can get a closet rod sturdy. Should I keep trying for a beam or just use the anchors? If the screw doesnt stop turning and never tightens I assume I am not in a beam? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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i would assume that as well, and no WAY would i trust that much weight if it wasn't tightly secured to studs/beams.
it'll yank those anchors out in a heartbeat and leave you with a heck of a mess to clean up...
on the bright side though, then you'll be able to see the studs! -=chuckle=-


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On deep scan, it may be a pipe set back a ways...... I would install 1x3's horizontally, from corner to corner on the side walls. Then mount the rosettes to them. Nail the 1x's securely to the corner studs and center one. (If there)
Be safe, G
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