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New Ceiling Fan Motor Gets Really Hot

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Hi All, I'm a new member and this is my first post so I'm a total newbie here.

I just finished installing a new ceiling fan in my apartment and wired it to operate off of two wall switches. The initial wiring and switches were already there. After wiring I tested the fan out and everything seemed to work as expected. I ran the fan and light together and then each independently for a few minutes with no issues that I could notice so I patted myself on the back and cleaned up.

Later that evening I turned on the fan but after about 45 minutes I noticed a burning smell coming from the fan and immediately turned it off. I turned the breaker off and climbed back up to the fan to inspect it. All of the wiring looked fine. None were exposed, except for the bare ground wire, and there were no frayed or melted wires. I did however notice that the fan motor was very hot to the touch. I assumed that there would be some heat generated from basic operation but to me it seemed excessive.

I then disconnected everything and rewired the fan and ran it again for an hour. This time I did not notice a burning smell so I just chalked it up to excess lubricants from the manufacturing process being burned off. After an hour I touched the fan motor again and again it was very hot. I'm not sure whether I have a faulty fan motor or if this is normal but I'm afraid that this could be a potential fire hazard.

Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing or any insight?

Sorry for the long story.


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