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new bathroom can I connect to cleanout in basement?

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My one bathroom 1925 home needs another bathroom.

I would like to add the bathroom directly above the main sewage line that exits my house from the basement. There is a cleanout installed. Is there an easy fitting that I can add to the cleanout to attach the new drain pipes from the new bathroom, or do I need to have it dug out and get new pipe connection added?


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Open up that cleanout and take a picture down the pipe.
I opened the pipe and it goes down about 1 ft on an angle then T's into a horizontal pipe that runs out of house to city sewer line.

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Thats a problem... It looks like its a hole blown through the top of Orange ceramic pipe. Ok for a clean out but not good for a stack drain. Do you have a floor drain close by? It would be easier to break it out and add to if it was close. You need to cut in below the floor.
Here is a better photo.
Also I checked the horizontal pipe with a magnet and it did not stick. If I connected into this cleanout would I run the risk of breaking the ceramic pipe over time?

I do have some floor drains, but will have to rethink my bathroom location to figure out how the drain pipes will come down through the first floor.

Thanks for your help.

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