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New AC contactor

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i'm replacing the contactor in my old Carrier central AC unit. i labeled the wires before i took them off, and took pictures, too.

the old contactor had the incoming power connected to #11 and #23, and went out at #21 and 23. i see that #11 and #21 were connected by the switch.

the new contactor is labeled L1 and L2 on one end, and T1 and T2 on the other end. the switch is between L1 and T1.

does it matter if the incoming power is connected to the L side or the T side?
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Makes no real difference.
wire it in and we've cold air again. thanks beenthere!
On most of those, the front cover (and often the back plate) are reversible so that electrical labeling standards can be followed. Like BT said, makes no real difference

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