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Neutral Wire for Smart Switch

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I'm looking at putting in a couple of smart switches, and remembered after I got them that I had wired my old switches at the end of the circuit so I don't have the neutral wire extending to the switch box. I do have an outlet a few feet below the switches that is on the SAME circuit as the lights, however, so I was thinking about running a short length of Romex up to the switch box to borrow a neutral from there. Given that these are on the same circuit, is there a safety concern with doing this? I've seen conflicting information on message boards for smart switch manufacturers, and I don't necessarily trust anything I read there, so I thought I'd look for some more knowledgeable advice here.

Thanks in advance. I know that ideally I would just run some 14/4 Romex from the lights, but at this point that would require tearing up a lot of drywall, so if I can't tie into the neutral nearby, I'll just have to try to return these switches and get some that don't require the neutral.
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Just cap the power at the light and feed it from the outlet power thru the switch
If I did that, I'd still need to replace the last length of wire between the switch and the light fixture or else the neutral wouldn't be connected to anything, right? The wiring setup I have is basically this:

Thank you

like this.


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