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Neutral in light switch

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Hypothetical Question regarding new requirement of neutral wire at switch.

If power is run to the light and then 3 conductors to the switch (2 for the switch leg and 1 for the neutral), what happens to the neutral at the switch? Is it just capped off in case it is needed and then connected to the neutral at the light?


Also, wouldn't this open the possibility of someone using the neutral as a hot to expand from the switch--something you wouldn't be able to do on a two conductor switch leg.
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If the neutral is not needed by the switch it would just be capped off.

This would also allow the circuit to be extended from the switch at a later date.
Also, if you ever install one of those motion sensing switches or lighted switch, you need the neutral to be there. I believe it is now code to run neutral to all switch boxes in new installations.
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