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Neutral and Ground on same bar

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I have a Zinsco panel in my garage (I know..) I'd like to add a couple of circuits and there is room on the panel but the neutrals and ground are connected on the same bar there are no open spaces on that bar to add any more neutrals or grounds. I don't have the money to change the panel, do I have any options or am I stuck with what I have?
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Is the panel in your garage a sub panel or main panel?

Is the garage attached to the house?

If this is your main panel, then you can free up bus bar space by putting two grounds under the same screw. But only one neutral per screw.

I believe the same rule applies to sub-panels in a garage if the garage is attached.

Another option, add another ground/neutral bar in the panel.
If a bar is added to the back of the panel it will be for grounding conductors only. No neutrals.
If it's not ur main panel you shouldn't have your grounds and neutrals tied together get a grounding bar install it and move all your grounds to it and you will free up some spaces.

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