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Nest and Honeywell z311 zone panel

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i know there was an old thread but i could not reply. i was wondering if anyone had any updates or better thermostats that work better with the Honeywell z311 i have forced hot air with cooling and 2 zones i tried to install a nest e last night and got no heat just fan i was also getting the "purge error" on the unit. I do have an extra blue wire in the wall and was wondering if i could or should use as common and will that fix the problem.

Great forum thanks in advance for any help!!

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Nest is a terrible choice for a thermostat, and has a long history of not working well with zoning panels, if anything at all.
Are you using a common wire?
EcoBee and Honeywell have superior products that will work with your panel.
Thank you for the quick reply, I was looking at the Honeywell T9 as a better option.I don't have a common wire i do have a spare blue wire not being used so i was wondering if i could hook that to the C terminal on the thermostat terminals of the z311


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