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I'm installing 3 new passage doors. They are actually going to be installed directly below the main support beam through the center of the house in the basement. the rough opening height is 75- 3/4" so we need to make new frames and we also have to cut the doors down which we got slabs for. one of the doors will open over carpet one door will open over a concrete floor the one door will open over a laminate floor. The carpet and laminate flooring are not installed yet and won't be for a while. Here are my questions.
1. How high off the concrete (floor) should each jamb be?
2. How high off the floor should each door be?
3. How far down from the top of the door and how far up from the bottom of the door do I place 2 of the hinges? I will center the third between the 2.
4. How far up on the door do I set the door knob?
5. When making the frame I was going to make it 3/16" wider then door. So my 32" door (31-3/4") frame would be 31-15/16" wide inside measurement. Is that correct?
Thanks in advance for your expertise.
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