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NEEDED: unusual switch activating device

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Can anyone help? I need a battery powered IR or radio controled remote activated device which, when mounted next to a standard wall mounted light switch, will mechanically operate the manual on/off switch. This is not your usual A/C powered remote controled switch which replaces the mechanical light switch inside the switch box, but rather an independent device which attaches to or pushes against the manual light switch toggle, moving it up/down mechanically. This is a serious question, not some "class project" or idle experiment. If anyone knows of a company or website selling such a device, please let me know. Many thanks.
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What's the purpose for the device? I dont know of a company that makes one, but it wouldn't be too hard to do. Just need a U that would fit around the switch with a servo motor attached to it. Why do you need it battery powered though if it is already next to a light switch which will have power run to it. Would save you from having to replace the battery.

I'm not sure if you're application is making it possible for someone who can't get to the light switch turn on the light, you could buy something like this for a lamp in the room...
Or go back to the clapper.
Needed: unusual device

Thanks AUTX790. Not able to construct electronics due to physical disabilities. Need to purchase ready made machine. If device can be plugged into 110v outlet, will be OK. Due to room lighting arrangements, need to control ceiling light by remote, but difficult to do wiring/installation modifications. Much easier to screw add-on toggle switch manipulator onto wooden wall. Addition of new floor lamp might be possible alternative, but room small & already full of necessary equipment around bed, making additional equipment/power cords logistically difficult. Does anyone else know where I can buy such a device? Thanks.
Yes, they are called x10 & z-wave device. Check out
reply to suggestions on switch device

Thanks gregzoll & hpp58. I will check out your info. Your kind assistance is much appreciated.:thumbsup: R.B.
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