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need wiring help for T5 light fixtures

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I found four T5 6 watt lights with fixtures. They were connected to old GE ballasts with two black wires coming out of each ballast. There were two switches connected one switch with 6 wires and the other with the capability of having 8 wires but only using six. These were all connected to a plug with a white and black wire. I have a very very basic understanding of electrical things but want to try to replace the old wiring, whoever did it did a shoddy job. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for something like this, and also I'm a bit confused on wiring the ballasts because of the two black wires, I can't tell which is negative and which is positive. I also have a simple drawing of how it is currently wired and can send it if it would make it easier to understand. Thanks I appreciate any help.
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T5 Light bulbs normally come in increments of 14, 21, 28, and 35W. T5's were designed to be the compact version of regular fluorescent or metal halides.

What is the intended purpose for these lights? It would help to post a pic
I was mistaken they're actually f6t5 fluorescent lights. I'm going to use them for a work station in my garage. Thanks for pointing out that mistake.

I don't know if these pictures will help sorry if they're unclear.
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