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Need to replace heat pump thermostat. Do todays tstats use standard connections?

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I have never been able to program a 6 year old Bryant tstat.
I have to set it manually every morning and at bedtime.
When I set the temperature on the tstat the ambient displayed temperature jumps 4 or 5 degrees when I shut the thermostat cover door.

The display also turns blank randomly and resets itself cancelling the program I have set

The Bryant heat pump model number is pictured below as is the existing defective thermostat

Do todays heat pump thermostats use standardized wire connections ??
I want to replace the thermostat with one that will work with the current bryant heat pump and would appreciate advice on what to look for before I buy one. Thanks for your help


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have been unable to locate a Bryant model number displayed on front or back or wall mounting plate after I removed module from wall There were 6 male pins on the back that plugged into the wall mounting plate as shown on attached photo.
What is the auxilliary lockout feature. I was under the impression that all heat pumps have an auxilliary heat that comes on in very cold weather.
Thanks for clarifying this for me


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