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Need to replace heat pump thermostat. Do todays tstats use standard connections?

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I have never been able to program a 6 year old Bryant tstat.
I have to set it manually every morning and at bedtime.
When I set the temperature on the tstat the ambient displayed temperature jumps 4 or 5 degrees when I shut the thermostat cover door.

The display also turns blank randomly and resets itself cancelling the program I have set

The Bryant heat pump model number is pictured below as is the existing defective thermostat

Do todays heat pump thermostats use standardized wire connections ??
I want to replace the thermostat with one that will work with the current bryant heat pump and would appreciate advice on what to look for before I buy one. Thanks for your help


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What’s the model number of the thermostat?
Your running up your energy bill adjusting the setpoint like that. Heat pumps run more efficiently when leaving the setpoint to a constant setting.
If you want to have a setback thermostat it’s best to select one with auxiliary heat lockout.
No, that’s a heat pump lockout. You want an auxiliary heat lockout. This will save you energy use.
Setting it up and down as you have been doing to save energy, will use more energy and raise your electric bill.
That’s a standard thermostat.
That unit you posted is not a heat pump.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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